Douwe Osinga's Blog: Real Politik

Friday, May 2, 2003

The whole Iraq thing showed once again that foreign policy is nothing more then real politik. Morals and ethics is nothing more then dressing up of power play. Right is might. Is this a sad affair? Sure, a world wide democratic system would be better, but let's not confuse the current UN one country one vote system with democracy on a global scale. Countries are not people. A majority of countries doesn't mean much. If the countries themselves aren't democracies, then such a majority doesn't mean anything.

Where does this leave the UN? Well, the General Assembly doesn't mean much, so maybe we should get rid of it. The security council is a different story. Real Politik doesn't mean that you can't have a security council; it just means that the weight of the votes of each country in the security council should be proportional to the power of that country. If that in turn means that the US should have majority of votes, well, then the Security Council is obsolete; the US can do whatever they want. But if that is the case, there is really nothing much one can do.

In other words, if Europe really had wanted to stop the US in Iraq, then why didn't they have the power to do so. If you don't want to spend the money on getting the power, you're not really interested in these things. The total spending power of the EU governments is a lot more then that of the US government. The security council is a platform for powerful nations, that is the idea. If the nations in question refuse to be powerful, they loose their relevance for the platform.