Douwe Osinga's Blog: Not a children's bible

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

This weekend I was reading a bit in a children's bible and as always it struck me how far removed the childrens stories are from the cruel reality of bible tales. Childrens bibles are very selectively edited (of course).

I was thinking it might be fun to create a adult bible. A childrens bible only contains the stories that are suitable for children; my bible would only contain stories that are unsuitable for children, or for that matter most Christians. Because the bible is a book full of strange and weird stories, mostly wasted on and ignored by mainstream Christianity.

The storie of how the sons of God had intercourse with the woman of the earth and that this union produced the giants, men of renown is mostly missed, is one of my favourites. Then there are the more bloody stories of how the Israelites tried to get rid of the tribe Benjamin by genocide or the killing of 42 little children by God because they laughed at a balding profet. The Onan story of course is one the weirdest.

I really think it could be a best seller.