Douwe Osinga's Blog: How to become a republic

Sunday, August 31, 2003

The Netherlands is a kingdom. I'm no fan of that. I'm not dead against it, but like they say, you wouldn't invent it, if it wasn't there. It goes against my liberal principles to put one family in a constitutional different position, just because of their lineage.

But becoming a republic takes a lot of effort and is probably not worth the trouble at the moment. There are bigger problems. The Antilles pose one of those problems. There are some people there calling for independence and I hope they would go for it. Actually, I think that the Netherlands should become independent, that is, withdraw from the Kingdom of The Netherlands, The Antilles and Aruba. The Netherlands could then become a republic, and the Kingdom would just be the Kingdom of the Antilles and Aruba. Two problems solved and the Monarchy remains, it just isn't our Monarchy anymore. The Queen doesn't seem to pay a lot of taxes, so what better place than a tax-haven for her to rule.