Douwe Osinga's Blog: Cool Stuff

Friday, October 24, 2003

I have no ambition to be the first blogger to write about this, but some stuff is too cool not to blog.

First a real laser printer. Versa Laser is a printer that connects to your computer through USB and is a normal printer as far as your computer can tell, except for that it doesn't really print, but cuts through all kinds of materials with its laser. Woodworking, paper cutting and plastic modelling are all possible. Engrave your plastic lighter now with 'I am stupid'

The second one is Amazon. They added full text search inside books. They scanned 120.000. books and you can full text search any of 33 million pages. Actually, I wrote about that they should do this a couple of months ago. You type in a word, Amazon finds the books containing it and lets you click through to the page that contains it. Great stuff.

Thirdly for the gadget insane, the USB Air purifyer. You plug it into your computer and you have fresh air all the time. Maybe not that useful, but it shows how far stuff that plugs into the USB port has come. Cell phone loaders, lamps and memory sticks, the USB port has become the cigarette lighter of the computer.