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Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Talk about mob blogging. I'm writing this in the train from magauo to Cochin, both in India on my 3650 hunt-pecking the weird round keyboard helped by t9 to get a respectable 5 words a minute.
3 tier second class is the only way to travel: it looks like the inside of a prison, but you move 40 km/h. If you're lucky. Really it's great. Now if I only would get gprs roaming to work, which would be a miracle given that sending sms doesnt seen to function, so that I could post.
India lags China when it comes to economic development but is doing ok. Much is made from the fact that China is a dictator-run country and India a democracy implying that dictators run economies better (and ignoring 40 years of Chinese economic mismanagement) Here's another explanation: China's population is more coastal. Coastal people are more open and profit therefore more globalisation. The south of India is coastal. And it's booming. But the north is oldfashioned and closed. And economically it lags behind. Those jobs moving to India, all move to the south.
Coastal people cope better with change. That's why the US beat the Soviets. That and the air conditioner.

P.S. Of course the GPRS didn't work out and I ended up mailing the blog to myself and cut pasting it to my blog. The resulting text is much shorter than it felt when I t9'd it.