Douwe Osinga's Blog: Men and Women

Sunday, January 18, 2004

I didn’t pay attention and got into one of those discussions about men are good at and women are good at. Now, I’m all for equal rights, but if someone (female) insists that women are better than men, I get a little defensive. We’re equal but not the same, I know, but don’t tell me that women are better at inventing things than men, but that their inventions were suppressed. Inventions are mostly done by men. Nerdy, lonely and unhappy men, maybe, but that is how progress works.

I joked that household appliances like vacuum cleaners and dish washers were only invented after men were forced by emancipation to take part in house activities and that if women had had to do it alone, they still would live in caves. There is some truth in it, I guess. If there were only men, we’d probably had discovered nuclear weapons around 1200. But we’d probably have used them to wipe out everything by 1300.