Douwe Osinga's Blog: 4 Month Google News Map

Tuesday, April 6, 2004

4 Month ago, I launched Google News Map, a small app that shows the headlines of Google News on a world map. Time for a little evaluation.

About two month ago, I build in a function to log the names of the countries that the news was about and the time of the headline. By counting the references and projecting those numbers on a world map, you get an impression of which countries are how popular in the news.

The results are as expected, except for a couple of things. Niger scores very well, but this is probably because my program maps in sometimes on Niger. The US scores pretty bad, but that is because the US is hardly mentioned in the news as United States of America. The same goes for the United Kingdom. I've fixed these problems and hope to have a new newsmap in a couple of months that is even better. Meanwhile, it'd be interesting to see how the news focus changes (though Iraq seems to have a strong hold on the headlines).