Douwe Osinga's Blog: The calling of the Mothership

Saturday, May 29, 2004

About two month ago I was starting my working day as usual by sorting through my incoming email - deleting junk that escaped my filter and fishing in the folder with suspected junk mail for something real - when I hit upon an email titled 'Google in Zurich'. It was from somebody doing recruitment for Google asking me whether I would consider moving to Switzerland and join their engineering team over there.

Somebody at Google had found my site and had rather enjoyed my Google Hacks and told the recruiters to have a chat with me. Of course I felt very flattered. I went over to the working at Google page and it all sounded very interesting. I had of course my company to consider, but a little interview wouldn't hurt I thought, so I sent them my resume and they told me they would set up an interview.

Running a blog had paid off. The potential depth & reach of a personal website are pretty awsome and yes, when you start nobody comes to your page and it seems very hard to attract any attention in a sea of other bloggers. But if you have something unique, there are always other people that like that kind of uniqueness and they'll find you somehow, whether they are a large or a small group.

Blogging is a great tool with the whole self-promotion and brand 'me' thing.