Douwe Osinga's Blog: Another Sunday at the Googleplex

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Sundays at the Googleplex have a distinct post-apocalyptic feel to them. Three quarters of the population wiped out, with the rest trying to stick to the old patterns while society falls apart. To a large extend, this is due to the fact that there seem to be far less cleaners at Sundays during the week and also due to the fact that engineers are pigs. Not all of them, some are very anal when it comes to cleanliness, but most don't really clean up after themselves, which means that around 7 PM on Sunday the espresso machine looks like something out of a Japanese nucleair reactor.

Some always work on Sundays, since it is just another day of the week. Others only come to play a game, eat food, drink good coffee or do some laundry, but most come in just to finish something. On the one hand this means that things are more relaxed, since it is basically extra time you have for your project, on the other hand it really shows you don't have much of a life, if you work on Sunday. Luckily enough you only show it to other people working on Sunday.

Around 18:15 food droppings take place in this post-apocalyyptic world. The cafetaria is closed on the weekends, but somebody orders food at some delivery place so that the workers won't go hungry. Who the person is that controls the hand that feeds is unknown, at least to the people I speak to, but we're not going to bite. Indian take out. Hmmm.