Douwe Osinga's Blog: Working in a coal mine

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Even though cheese and chocolate fondue gathered some fame outside of the borders of Switzerland, the local food and especially the food from the German speaking part can sometimes be as subtle as a good kick in the head. There are lots of other places of course, but anything with Bierhalle or Bierkeller in the name seems to cater for people working in mines.

Johanniter is one of those places. It serves food until 4 am and has reasonable priced beer, but it pretty much looks like a Bierkeller and if you don't notice that right away, then the stuffed animals hanging from the wall should be a dead give away (Pun sort of intended). We sometimes go there with Google for lunch, mostly because it is close by.

Friendliness is not their strongest point. Last time went there, most of us ordered something solid. Roesti with fried cheese and sausages in wintry if slightly fatty sauce. It was pretty good, but none of us finished it. The waitress did not approve. Why did you not finish your meal? she said. Did you not like it? Well, we replied, we liked it, but it was just too much. If it was too much, she said, then you don't work hard enough.

I guess if you compare it to working in a coal mine, she has a point.