Douwe Osinga's Blog: On the road

Saturday, April 30, 2005

I'm on the road a lot lately. To SES Munich, then to Hannover last week for a pub conference on search engine optimization (yeah, pub conference is a fancy word for drinking beer while talking shop - what I tend to do on a friday night anyway). This weekend Queensday in Amsterdam and then on Monday I'll be flying to Mountain View where I'll stay for two weeks.

One thing I realize is that nowadays I can pretty much work from any place, as long as there is a reasonable Internet connection. When I was in Munich, something went terrible wrong with one of the systems I was working on. But since there was wireless Internet in the hotel lobby (be it of the non free, T-Mobile variety), I could connect to the machine where the system was running and check it out.

This is quite nice - it gives you the idea that one day you could just travel around and work where you happen to be. Hike through the Thai jungle and at night hack around a little on a Google project. Of course in the real world having access to the right computers is only have the story - having access to your colleagues is just as important. E-mail and telephone help, but there's still enough left to make it worthwhile for me to actually go to California.