Douwe Osinga's Blog: Project Resurection

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Two projects belonging to the group of all time favorites among visitors had been off line for ages. I just patched them and they seem to work again.

Number one is Google share, a rather simple script that allows you to enter a domain (for example 'beatles') and contenders (that'd be john, paul, george and ringo). It will then lookup at Google what percentage of pages that contain beatles, also contain any of the contenders, i..e what is their share in pages.

The second one is one of my very first projects at least the first one that took out the server it ran on due to being overly popular. Mindworld starts with a map full of random pixels and asked every visitor for one specific random pixel whether it should be sea or land if all the pixels are to be a map of the world. Slowly a worldmap emerges, but one that describes the average idea of people of the world.

Google share died when I moved servers and missed a crucial graphing package. Now it outputs html. Mindworld is now running on MySQL which should be better than the pre-beta Python DB it ran on. We'll see.