Douwe Osinga's Blog: Astrology and Pluto

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Astronomers just voted and alas, Pluto no longer has the status of a planet. A sad day for the Pluto fans, but as we find more and more Pluto like objects out there it becomes clear that you have to draw the line between planet and non planet somewhere and Pluto just doesn't have what it takes. Too bad for het Goede Doel.

I always wondered how astrologers felt about the outer planets. They do occur in their analysis, but since they are recent discoveries, astrologers from before those discoveries can't have used them. I've always assumed that it is just added forces; before the discovery of Uranius, Neptune and Pluto astrology's predictions must have been just a little less accurate, like predicting the weather with just few satelite instead of complete coverage.

This of course begs the question what they are going to do now. Are they going to also demote Pluto and say, well, all those predictions based on Pluto's position were wrong or we were misguided? Or will they stick to their guns and disagree with the astronomers' analysis and keep Pluto in there. And in that case, will they also recognize the cosmic influences of the other dwarf planets, Ceres, Charon and, well, UB313?

Your love life this month: with UB313 in Scorpio, there is not much you can expect.