Douwe Osinga's Blog: A Pyramid game with Google footing the Bill

Wednesday, January 7, 2004

Google AdSense has been a way for many bloggers to finance their hosting costs. At world 66 it is actually one of our major income streams (limited as they are). The idea below misuses AdSense and is meant only as an idea, not something to pursue. Of course it might happen anyway or more likely, might already be happening.

The use clauses of AdSense specify that you're not allowed to click on your own ads or put up a note, please help me survive by clicking on the banners or something. But what about a website where you can register your AdSense sponsored website. You will then be redirected to a framed page with on the top a (random) website with AdSense ads and on the bottom something like, please click one of the banners and press the next button (which sits also on the bottom). If you click the next button, a new site will appear etc. etc.

Once you visit a hundred sites and have clicked a hunderd ads, the site you registered is put in the queue. After a hundred visitors, a site is removed from the queue. This way, you click one hundred ads in return for hundred strangers clicking one ad each on your site. It should beat Googles misuse filter, shouldn't it? And it not, well, they'll kick you out of the program and you'll have to pay your own hosting cost