Douwe Osinga's Blog: Homophobia

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

In the US the republicans fire up the troops by insisting there should be a constitutional change, banning gay marriage (how does that belong in the constitution?) In Europe, politicians seem generally more reasonable, but homophobia is running deep here too. And it is weird. As observed by many others, if you’re heterosexual, you should only applaud other men being not interesting in women. Instead men-men generally like some good ol’ girl on girl action, but completely freak out when they see to men kiss.

What could the deal be? Are hetero’s threatened in their manliness by homosexuals? I honestly have no idea what that means. If I didn’t like fish, would I be threatened by people who did, would I be afraid that they would convince me that fish is nice? If they convinced me, what exactly would be my loss? You account for homophobia by insisting that men just have low sales resistance as Seinfeld did.

Why does homosexuality exist at all, evolutionary speaking? There isn’t much of a point in terms of the continuation of the species on first sight. At least there isn’t in a monogamous society. There might be in a polygamous one. If the successful men all have three wives, that automatically leads to quite a lot of lesser men with no wives at all. Homosexuality might be one way to cope, given that unreleased sexual tension could otherwise lead to violence. Species that develop ways to avoid this kind of violence have a bigger chance of survival.

Does this explain homophobia? I think so. Heterosexuals are not so much afraid to discover they actually like other men touching them, but they are afraid that they might not be among the successful polygamous men who get three wives. Before you all unwrap your flamethrowers, remember that this is just another Wednesday night theory and no, it does not mean I think that homosexuals are less successful (on average I’d say they are more, but you can’t say that either, can you?)