Douwe Osinga's Blog: Read_Me 2004 Software Art and Cultures Conference

Friday, April 2, 2004

I sent in an abstract for the upcoming Read_Me 2004 Software Art and Cultures Conference in Aarhus and I just got an email, saying they accepted my proposal. Cool. The Read_Me conference and the following Dorkbot City Camp are going to be really interesting if a bit weird. Why not come and join the fun?

Like the website says: From the 25th-27th August, Ã…rhus will be filled with 'people doing strange things with software', as well as more traditional campfire activities such as eating, drinking, talking, socialising, showing off and relaxing together.

Basically, I'll be presenting some of the results around the  Mapped Web project, I developed together with Ernst Wit. We've come up with a couple of interesting extensions to this project, so it really should be fun. I'm also looking into the option of doing a real world Mind World experiment.

A map of the world is projected on the screen. One pixel flashes red. Everybody has a console (cell phone/pda/whatever) and can press the land button or the water button. As soon as five people have pressed a button, the majority vote will decide what the pixel will be, land or water and new pixel will be randomly chosen.


Alex Zolot said...


I found your "Mapped Web" to be very interesting and used some ideas and fragments of your code in .

I hope you try, enjoy and comment it.

It is going to be open source after I clean the code.

Thank you,

Alex Z.