Douwe Osinga's Blog: How not to renew the look of a cell phone

Sunday, May 16, 2004

One of concepts that made Nokia great is replacable face plates. It changed a phone from something purely functional into something that can make a fashion statement. Apparently some people take this as far as that they have different face plates for different outfits. The face plate on my phone started to look distinctly worn, way beyond it years, or rather, year.

Buying a new face plate seemed like a waste of money, when you have a unfinished bottle of spray paint in the closset. So I took of the face plate and the thing on the back, taped of the parts that should not be painted (like the window in front of the display) and started spraying. At first it all seemed to go splendidly.

The phone now indeed looks as new. Unfortunately, there where some little pots on the display, which I tried to remove with sandpaper. I succeeded, but it reduced the visibility of things on the display considerable. Also, it turned out I painted the wholes on top of the speakers shut, making it much harder to hear other people.

I have repaired some of the dammage, but am still in the market for new set of face plates.