Douwe Osinga's Blog: Gadget Lust

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Rumour now has it that the Treo 650 will come out in the end of November. My birthday is 24 of November. Coincident? I don't think so. I had been looking with quite some wanting at the Treo 600 and when I heard the specs of the 650, the wanting turned into lusting.

Why, you may ask. I ask my self the same question. Do I need a new phone when I still have a quiet nice one? Probably not. My reasons are two fold.

First of all, I promised my inner geek a new toy when I took the job at Google. It had not had anything nice for a long time (I am not counting the digital camera, that was a useful purchase) and thought it had something to do with getting the job in the first place. I settled for a nice laptop, but then it turned out Google would supply me with exactly that model, so I kept my money, which only partly stopped the desire.

The second reason has to do with a deep believe that given the right tools, I could actually be an organized person. I have never been able to keep a calendar. I lose the thing, don't put appointments in them and seem generally better off remembering my appointments (and it usually works). Same with address books and all kind of planning tools. But you see, it is not me, it is the lack of good tools.

So I've bought memo recorders to track my thoughts, paper time planning systems to keep time and whiteboards to think a loud. A lot of that of course ended up not being used, but I still have some faith in my cell phone: I do use the address book of it and might use the calendar if it was better. You see, the thing about cell phones is that you have them always with you. So here's to better living through cell phones.

Of course if you do lose that cell phone containing all of your life, you're in a bit of pickle.