Douwe Osinga's Blog: The chair for the office

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

 Since today the Zurich office is a complete Google office. We have our own massage chair. From buying to actually receiving the chair, it must have taken more than six months so we really have something to be happy about. Not just because it is nice to have one, the massage chair is also part of the God given (well, at least Larry & Sergey given) rules that make an office into a Google office.


Googlers should never be further than 30 feet away from food, they should have unlimited access to caffeinated drinks and they should have access to a massage chair were the founding principles of the company (there might have been something about a new way to determine which search results are relevant). Of course we’re not talking about any massage chair here.


There is only one company that makes the right kind of chair and that company is of course based in Japan. Massage chairs are very big in Japan. As it turns out, this company usually sells only to Japanese and they don’t really speak English, which explains to some extend why it took so long to get the chair in the first place. But now it proudly stands in our office, with seven different massage programs to choose from. All labeled in Japanese of course.