Douwe Osinga's Blog: Vote advise for American readers

Tuesday, November 2, 2004

All bloggers seem to do it, so it here it goes. I think Bush is a man with a plan, who loses no time over executing it. He wanted to cut taxes and invade Iraq and he did that. I think Kerry is often uninspired and mostly lacks vision. He says the country is heading into the wrong direction and then copies most of the ideas of his opponent. But the end this is not so important. Given the state of affairs I don't think the US nor the world can afford four more years (or wars) of this administration.

It's too bad the democrats (or even republicans) couldn't come up with something better than Kerry, but he still has the huge advantage of not being Bush. Bushes Alleingang has not only divided America, but also the world, in a time where we need cooperation. This conservative has destroyed the budget surplus and increases the size of government more than ever. Freedom is under attack daily.

Vote Kerry. It might get better.