Douwe Osinga's Blog: How to end terrorism. Part II

Thursday, August 25, 2005

As promised my other plan to end terrorism. I think this one is better than the last one, but I don't expect a lot of support for it, so here we go.

My plan to fight terrorism is like Seinfeld: do nothing. See, the point of terrorism is to spread, well, terror. Terror is spread by the attacks of course, but only a little. The press and all things around it amplify it by orders of magnitude. Terrorists don't try to kill people to kill people, but to make other people scared of being killed. The more it plays on tv, the more we talk about, the more the terrorists get what they want. So I say, we just start ignoring them. Sure we take a few hits, but if you add everything up, it is not worse than a month of traffic accidents.

And the terrorists will just stop if they see nobody pays attention. It is like the old question, 'what if they gave a war and nobdy came?'