Douwe Osinga's Blog: On not decaying in the cold clay

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I sometimes worry about the Netherlands. It's a great country with a long tradition of tolerance and pragmatism, but lately with all the foreigner-panic and people saying all the wrong things and the rejection of the EU constitution, I start to doubt. However I just read a small article about my home country that made me smile and realize: we still got it:

Like in many countries, there are nudist beaches in the Netherlands. Sometimes, however, if you have people going to the beach all naked and when they start rubbing sun lotion on each other, well, they get really into it. More and more people seem to have sex on these beaches which then offends the Nudists, who insist that nudism is about being natural, not about sex (though sex can be natural too, of course). It also made some local governments wanting to close down the nudist beaches at all. So guess what the Dutch Nudist Federation wants to do about it?

Of course. They want to government to designate certain beaches as sex beaches. People that want to have sex go those beaches, people that just want to be naked can go to the nudist beaches