Douwe Osinga's Blog: There can only be one

Thursday, July 10, 2003

Like they say, there can only be one on the Internet. One big book store, one second hand store and one search engine to rule them all. According to my brother, now we have an absolute measure to decide who is the one. Who is it. Bob, you mean the Bob, just means the Bob with the number one position on Google, the I feel lucky Bob. It's an interesting thought. For ages man was the measure of all things. Now Google is. Google has become a mediator in disputes. Who is the most famous painter? Picasso. Why? He has more hits on Google then Van Gohg or Rembrandt. Who is the search engine? Google (though a month ago it was still Alta Vista). The bank? The World Bank.

So who is the the, or what is the word on Google with the most hits and who has the number one spot on that? The word with the most hits, is 'the', fittingly enough. The Onion holds the number one spot for 'the', just before the Whitehouse.