Douwe Osinga's Blog: Updates

Saturday, July 12, 2003

I just added a new project, GoogleBattle. GoogleBattle lets two search term battle by searching the top 10 of term1 OR term2 for occurences. Term1 OR Term2 returns all pages that contain either term. While on some search machines this would produces a list with at the top pages containing both, Google returns a list based on the page rank of the pages involved. By counting the occurences of the terms in these pages, you'll get an idea what the page rank of the terms is.

I also updated Archean. The Archean project explores self organization by multiplying the six dimensional strings in a matrix world with a transformation matrix, a little like Conway's game of life, but then in full color. I refined the way the colors are done a bit, making them less saturated and I added a 'breeding' mode. In breeding mode, four games of Archean run parallel, each with a slightly different underlying matrix. Clicking one of the games, replaces the other three with slightly different copies of the one clicked. This way, you can search for the nicest patterns.