Douwe Osinga's Blog: Time travel

Sunday, June 12, 2005

So we're back. It was a nice trip. Albania looks better in real life than on paper, more about that later. Apart from the destination, it was that funny old time warp thing again you get when you go somewhere strange for a week.

The first days seem like a week. The second day you're walking along the ruins of a Greek city spotting turtles and you're thinking 'was it only yesterday I was in Zurich?' Of course the slow time doesn't last and before you know it, you're planning the rest of the trip in more detail. Worse, towards the end of the trip, time speeds up even more and it seems like one moment you have time to visit three highlights, the next you don't and you have to really hurry to make it back in time for the ferry to Corfu (from where our plane left).

And it doesn't stop there; The two hours to get to the airport turn out to be short face to face with the deficiencies of the Greek bus system. And the bus doesn't stop at the airport either (would hurt the profits of the taxi people) so one ends up running with luggage towards the terminal.

With 42 minutes before take off we enter the building. No problem, you'd think, but there are about 300 mostly Germans before us that still have to make it through a security checkpoint before checking in. Check the big board, may be the flight is late.

Neither our departure time, nor our home city is mentioned. What's going on? We check the tickets. Yes, 11:30 it says. Check the date, yes Sunday. Guy next to us says when prompted it is Saturday, however. Now isn't that odd.

Somehow during the week we missed Thursday and lived one day in the future ever since. Anyway, it gave us a nice bonus day on Corfu. Longest vacation day of the trip.