Douwe Osinga's Blog: World66 and the press

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Of course it is mostly due to the success of the Wikipedia, but Open Content is hot. World66, the Open Content Travel guide I helped founding and still kinda run, recently also attracted some attention. About two weeks ago I got an email from a Wired journalist with a bunch of questions, which I answered in detail with lots of vision and wisdom. She published a lengthy article on Open Content, where my interview answers where condensed to something like 'mostly harmless' or in this case,  Other public wikis are out there, like travel guide World66 and a few sites serving open-source programmers. But still.

A fascinating article appeared on Kuro5hin, which was subsequently linked to by a number of other sources, among others, Slashdot, about which companies Google should buy. World66 was also mentioned, but may be a little too wild for Google, they said. On the World66 blog my brother wrote about this:

'"We can't comment in this stage," would be a good official reaction, but "this is our phone number" is equally good. It's +31-20-3449480.' Exactly. And should any other big cash laden company be interested, it is not too late to put in a bid.