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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Now that is running on App Engine, I am slowly converting my old projects to the new infrastructure. Moreover I am trying to make them a little better so that it actually seems to serve a purpose. This weeks catch:

Visited Countries now supports (and people have asked me for this a lot) a way to edit an existing map. Rather than having to login and edit your map in place, you can just take any url to a visited map, paste it in the box and press restore and you are good to go. So if you had that map but you didn't want to edit it all over again just because you had visited one more country, you're in luck.

Archean Self Organization Before you could copy the state in a comment so other people could try it out, but they would have to copy and paste a weird code. Now you can just save the thing with a comment. Slightly better I would say.

The Next President still lets you pick states and assign them to democrats or republicans and then draws a map, but now it does so slightly more elegant and plots the map immediately. Also it now starts with the map representing the elections four years ago.


Unknown said...
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Andris said...

I do like your visited countries application, but The Gambia is missing in Africa, and Svalbard in North Europe, that has similar status from Norway as the Faroer of Danmark.
cheers Andras
[email protected]

Unknown said...

one is able to click on Serbia and Montenegro on visited countries, yet they don't show up on the new map.

Rasmus said...

I like your use of Google Viz API.
Thought you might like this use of it as well. We built Google Viz API into out analytics platform, so users can connect live to data sources like AdWords, Google Analytics and, analyze their data real-time, and then visualize results as interactive charts using Google Viz API (zero coding).

I invite you to try out these examples: